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What's happening at burning tractor?

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VFX Breakdown: Day 5

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Check out the first episode of Day 5!

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Official Trailer for Day 5

The premiere is coming in two weeks!

Jun 07

Day 5

An interview with VFX Supervisor Wes Meyers

BT: First question - What is the basic premise of Day 5?
WM: Sleep kills. One day over 90% of the worlds population is wiped out over night... The night-owls and insomniacs that are left search to find a cure.

BT: Oh, very creepy. How did that premise affect the Visual Effects? What kind of shots was your team asked to do?
WM: Being an apocalyptic story, visual effects were utilized to create a world void of people and animals. Our primary objective was to set the scene, and remove traffic and people out of busy urban locations.

BT: What shot was the most challenging for the series and why?
WM: VFX is a great and interesting tool. Literally anything is possible. That being said, the drone shot over I-35 was our most tedious endeavor. I haven't counted, but my guess is there were around 1000 cars in that shot that had to be removed.

VFX is a great and interesting tool.  Literally anything is possible.

BT: Holy smokes! That's a lot of cars. Which was your favorite shot of the entire series?
WM: Honestly, the Title Sequence work is my favorite, but that's just because title sequences are awesome. Another shot of note would be the plane crash sequence. All the pieces were shot in different locations, in a fake motion control style. It was a great feeling once we got to post and saw that all our planning and angles lined up flawlessly. And Lastly the I-35 shot carries some weight, that shot was a beast.

BT: I'll be sure to look out for those.  Any fun facts about the process?
WM: Well, it was shot in Austin during SXSW. But, all in all, it makes for some pretty cool show reels and before and afters. Also, this is Rooster Teeth's first drama. They usually do comedy and game genre work so it is really cool to be a part it.

  • Be sure to tune in for Day 5, premiering on June 19th!

It's Crunch Time.

Get ready to #liveyourdreams4real.

june 05

Crunch Time

Interview with VFX Supervisor Wes Meyers

BT: So, what is this show about?
WM: A bunch of college kids create a device that lets you enter other people's dreams... When they lose their college grant they begin selling the experience to other students. Meanwhile, they are being interrogated by sector six government agencies for breaking the bonds of space and time. Hilarity ensues. #liveyourdreams4real

BT: Favorite shot from the show?
WM: Well, its really hard to pick to pick from this show... We  had to pull out all the stops on this one. We ran the gamut from enhancing stunts, creating black holes, making people fly, crowd duplication, freezing time, holograms, dream environments, and even made a warrior goddess ride a bear! With all that being said, the floating puppy sequence is my favorite.

We had to pull out all the stops on this one.

BT: Why should we watch it?
WM: It's funny, smart, creative and keeps you guessing. Every episode leaves you wanting more.

  • Be sure to look out for Crunch Time, coming September 2016.